UPDATE: Roof Top Makeover

Okay so after receiving the estimate from Patio Culture, I knew I could do it much more affordably on my own. I already knew what fabric and size pillows I wanted, plus I have a resource to order fabric, so no need to pay four times the amount.... as much as I wanted to support them because I love the concept of the shop. Can't wait to post pics of my roof once it is all done!

Pillow Fabrics:

Peacock Print in Driftwood

Zebra Print in Bamboo

Resort Outdoor Sectional by CB2

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Zengari Imports & Design said...

How about this for a roof top makeover???? http://zengari.com/~zengaric/category_6/ZenTents.htm

Custom designed ZEN~TENTS to create sacred space for meditation, prayer, reading, writing or quiet contemplation away from the outside world.