I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas Party......2010!

I love to throw parties. This year, I went with a Tacky Sweater Christmas theme. It was fun and my friends really went to town on their costumes. But next year, I am going with something more sophisticated.

I know we are supposed to be planning New Year's Eve, and Christmas is so last week, but I read about this Holiday Party theme and I had to share! It was a Holiday White Party (I know, very P. Diddy) and it was so beautiful! I have a ton of silver and "blingy" decorations, so I am ready for next year. Talk about planning ahead!

The party was styled and coordinated by Jenn Sbranti of  "Hostess with the Mostess." A fun online resource for party ideas with a "modern" twist. If you haven't seen it, you must check it out!! All images belong to her as well!


You Had Me At "Turquoise Ostrich"

Thanks Santa!!

Santa delivered lots of fun new books this year. While perusing Style and Substance, I noticed a kitchen on page 118, that I fell in love with. It belonged to Delphine and Reed Krakoff and was published in Elle Decor back in September '06. I had to see more of the house this kitchen belonged to!! When I moved to LA from NYC three years ago, I threw out a bunch of old magazines (even the first Domino!) that I could kick myself for, including this issue. Luckily, Ms. Delphine has a web site for her design firm, Pamplemousee Inc., with images. The rest of the house is just as fab. I also learned that the family put this house on the market a few years ago (thanks real estalker!) for  a cool 12 million.......worth every penny if you ask me!

The chairs are what got me. I want to do faux ostrich cushions on Elkins chairs in that color for my Dining Room!! So inspired.

Great color combo if you are doing a nursery and not finding out the sex...

All images (except my books!) belong to pamplemousse design inc...


Sometimes You Get What You Ask For.....

A few months ago, I posted a little request of West Elm. Well, what do you know!!?? Pretty darn close....get it here.


Feeling Candy Corny?

Fall is finally here!! So excited to finally break out my new boots, leggings and cozy sweaters! I don't eat sweets often so I'm not a fan of baking. I would rather treat myself to one of these cupcakes than make my own. But there are a few things I love to make in October that involve my favorite candy of all time, the candy corn! These would also be really easy and fun to have your children make..........

Heather's Spooky Chex Mix

Candy Corn and Pumpkins
Rice Chex Cereal
Salted Spanish Peanuts
Halloween M&M's
(**I use Goldfish pretzels since they are similar in size to the other ingredients)

Just mix and EAT!! No baking required.

Pumpkin Cookie Cakes

My friend Megan taught me how to make these, so simple!!

1 large can of 100% pure Pumpkin (NOT the Pie filling)
1 Box Spice Cake Mix
1 tub of Cream Cheese Frosting
Candy Corns

Pre-heat oven to 350. Mix the pumpkin and the cake mix together. Drop spoon-fulls onto a cookie sheet and bake until done (around 15-20 minutes). Cool, then ice with cream cheese frosting and garnish with candy corns.


The Perfect Match

First off, I know I've been a very bad blogger. In fact, I've been so bad that perhaps no one may even read this! I just got back from fashion week in NYC. While some go to sit in front rows of shows and air kiss celebrities, I'm there to work. Long days of work, followed by long nights of fun, have left me in need of a deep-tissue massage, the Master Cleanse, and rehab. However, I did have a chance to sneak in some shopping. Shopping days, in my opinion, should always end with a glass of wine or a sweet treat (back to my need of the Master Cleanse). And now there is the perfect place to find such girly indulgence.....Sweet Revenge!!

When I heard about this place, I had one of those "Damn!! Why didn't I think of that!" moments. I mean cupcakes and wine pairings!? So simple but so decadent. The owner was working behind the bar and was as sweet as her delicious cupcakes.

My friend and I indulged in the "Pure" (a classic vanilla cake with vanilla frosting) and the "Crimson & Cream" (her twist on the iconic Red Velvet). While we decided to go with a clean glass of Prosecco, there are over 10 pairings of both wine and beer options to enhance your cupcake enjoyment. You must stop in during your next visit to NYC, you won't be disappointed.......you can repent when you get home!

*First Photo from a user on Yelp!, other photos from Sweet Revenge's Web Site


Mad World

Like all of you, I can't wait for the premier of Mad Men tonight! In case you REALLY can't wait, why don't you follow your favorite character on twitter, catch up with the Drapers on their blog, make a drink Don would be proud of, or turn yourself into one!

See! I do watch other things besides mindless reality TV (but wait, check out me and my husband's new fave).


Move Over Skinnygirl......

Because there is a new margarita to love. I had dinner with my parents last week at Sol, a new Mexican spot near their home. As you know, I love a drink with a little kick. So when I saw a margarita with cucumber AND jalapeno, I had to try it! Now I'm completely obsessed and even found a recipe online so I could make them at home. Try one tonight (or today, I don't judge), you won't be disappointed!! Oh and there is no mix, in case you are watching your sugar intake.

Based on Tim Love's Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita

Lonesome Dove, Fort Worth, Texas

(Serves 4)

8 1/8-inch slices of jalapeno

8 1/8-inch slices of cucumber

2 packets of Splenda (he uses real sugar)

8 oz. Cointreau

10 oz. Patron Silver tequila

Juice from 2 limes

4 lime wedges

Large ice cubes

Kosher salt

Using a mortar and pestle, grind 4 slices jalepeno, 4 slices cucumber into 1/4 cup sugar. Pour mixture into a shaker. Add tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. Fill shaker with ice and shake heavily. Rub rim of 4 highball glasses with lime wedges and coat with salt. Fill with ice. Give the shaker one more shake and strain contents into each glass. Garnish with jalapeno and cucumber slices.

Image and recipe found on forbes.com


Leather Lust

I love a classic brown leather as much as the next person, but there is something about a blue leather that I adore. I was reminded of this last week when I had dinner at Cecconi's in LA. I love how the decor is neutral with a pop of color from the gorgeous blue leather.

images from here

I make it a point whenever I'm in New York to have lunch at BG, just to soak in the decor. Aside from the amazing wallpaper, my favorite thing about this space are the chairs! The colors Wearstler chose for the various leather chairs are so beautiful.

Image from KWID

I would love to add a big tufted ottoman or perhaps a couple of these chairs by Windsor Smith Collection to my living room....

In this......


Joyeux Quatorze Juillet!!

Our neighbors (and friends) are from Paris so I couldn't help but give a little Bastille Day shout out.

**Photo by Alicia Bock


Crushing on Caitlin

Thanks to So Haute, I just discovered a new interior designer and blog to love! Caitlin Moran! I will have to check out Found, the shop she co-owns, the next time I am in San Francisco. Below are some of my favorite rooms that she designed.......enjoy!

**all above images belong to Caitlin Moran Interiors


Fall is Here!

Well, in my world it is. Working in fashion, you are always a season or two ahead. So while I may be wearing a maxi dress and sandals, I'm already thinking about boots and sweaters (that may be a slight exaggeration!). I'm really trying to be picky and strategic about what I buy for Fall. I'm trying to streamline my wardrobe, buy fewer things....... but higher quality and timeless. These definitely meet the requirements........

In this economic climate, there are very few things that have a "list" anymore. I remember a few years ago people fought over the Chloe Paddington, now they are collecting dust on the shelves. The Hunter/Jimmy Choo collaboration did get some press and there was an actual list for these boots. In fact, I already saw them on eBay for about double the retail value. I wouldn't go that far to have them, but I was lucky that I knew the associate who bumped me up to the top of the list (that is the secret, always maintain a good relationship with the salesperson).

Let it rain!!


Happy 4th!!

I know I'm a day late! Hope you all enjoyed a great day with friends and family. Wanted to share a pic from my party! White Hydrangeas are perfect for any occasion, in my book!

Mission Accomplished!!!!

Now I just need to hang these pictures above the bed and I'm set!!


Making Progress......

God this was a pain!! But so worth it. I chose "China Blue" by Benjamin Moore and I love how it turned out!!!



My amazing mother just bought me the above headboard from Pottery Barn for my master bedroom. I love it, but the color is off and clashes with my white dresser (the headboard color is an off-white). I want to paint it light blue, but I've never done this before. Tips!?? I don't want to ruin it!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Project Terrace Complete.......

So reality trumped fantasy with my outdoor pillow project. We are throwing a 4th of July party and I didn't have enough time to order custom pillows for my sectional. Thank God for West Elm. I found adorable outdoor pillows there, plus they were on SALE!! All of my pillows, covers and inserts, for under a hundred dollars. Yay! More money for shoes :)

Speaking of 4th of July, I've been shopping and planning like a mad woman.......total Martha style. I'm even making my guests wear red, white and blue. I know, get a life!! Ha....

What are your 4th of July plans? Hope it's a great one!!