Happy Thanksgiving!

photo by Annie Schlechter for Domino

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog! Hope your holiday is filled with love, family and turkey!


Going Gray

Image via Glamour.com

I have been trying to cut down on the waste of time that is celebrity gossip, so I totally missed the press release that gray is the new black when it comes to nails. At my 30th birthday blow-out last weekend, I spied my friend Megan's nails and was like...WTF! I love that color!! What is that!!! And she handed me this.......

A friend since 18, she knows I am obsessed with nail polish and gave me the new OPI gray as part of my b-day gift. Check out my new toes!! Go get yours now!


I'm So Depressed......sniff, sniff....

Cottage Living is done, gone, fini! Excuse me while I cry in a corner....


I'm a NeNe?!! Not sure what to say about that....

I guess it's because I keep it real!! HAAHAAAA......Ok so I just took a quiz on Bravo.com to see which "Housewife" I was, you should too (if you are putting off work like moi). I am not embarrassed to admit I am a big fan of all things Bravo, especially the Housewives series.  It is amazingly entertaining in that shallow-talk trash sort of way.  And for the best re-cap of this show EVER, please check out SGM. She is the Queen of Bravo.

Oh Kim, 29 my arse!!

Thank GOD I wasn't a Kim, I'm sure it was a close call as I do like to shop. 


Better Make Room on Your Bookshelf....

Just checked my e-mail and Celerie Kemble's new book is on its way!!! If you haven't already pre-ordered it, I suggest you get to it!!! She is one of my favorite interior designers and I can't wait to add her book to my collection.