Leather Lust

I love a classic brown leather as much as the next person, but there is something about a blue leather that I adore. I was reminded of this last week when I had dinner at Cecconi's in LA. I love how the decor is neutral with a pop of color from the gorgeous blue leather.

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I make it a point whenever I'm in New York to have lunch at BG, just to soak in the decor. Aside from the amazing wallpaper, my favorite thing about this space are the chairs! The colors Wearstler chose for the various leather chairs are so beautiful.

Image from KWID

I would love to add a big tufted ottoman or perhaps a couple of these chairs by Windsor Smith Collection to my living room....

In this......


Joyeux Quatorze Juillet!!

Our neighbors (and friends) are from Paris so I couldn't help but give a little Bastille Day shout out.

**Photo by Alicia Bock


Crushing on Caitlin

Thanks to So Haute, I just discovered a new interior designer and blog to love! Caitlin Moran! I will have to check out Found, the shop she co-owns, the next time I am in San Francisco. Below are some of my favorite rooms that she designed.......enjoy!

**all above images belong to Caitlin Moran Interiors


Fall is Here!

Well, in my world it is. Working in fashion, you are always a season or two ahead. So while I may be wearing a maxi dress and sandals, I'm already thinking about boots and sweaters (that may be a slight exaggeration!). I'm really trying to be picky and strategic about what I buy for Fall. I'm trying to streamline my wardrobe, buy fewer things....... but higher quality and timeless. These definitely meet the requirements........

In this economic climate, there are very few things that have a "list" anymore. I remember a few years ago people fought over the Chloe Paddington, now they are collecting dust on the shelves. The Hunter/Jimmy Choo collaboration did get some press and there was an actual list for these boots. In fact, I already saw them on eBay for about double the retail value. I wouldn't go that far to have them, but I was lucky that I knew the associate who bumped me up to the top of the list (that is the secret, always maintain a good relationship with the salesperson).

Let it rain!!


Happy 4th!!

I know I'm a day late! Hope you all enjoyed a great day with friends and family. Wanted to share a pic from my party! White Hydrangeas are perfect for any occasion, in my book!

Mission Accomplished!!!!

Now I just need to hang these pictures above the bed and I'm set!!