Merry Christmas Darlings

Where has the time gone? This week I'll be busy trying to do everything I should have done these past few weeks, like.....

 Picking up last minute gifts........

Wrapping them in my chosen color scheme for the season.....

 Baking festive cookies for my family..........(pic from one of my favorite blogs - Cupcakes and Cashmere)

And setting up my table for Christmas Eve, so inspired by this gorgeous and geographically appropriate tablescape (as seen on Hostess with the Mostess)

See you next year!!!


Gift Giving Idea #2

'Tis the season for Holiday Parties!! What to give the Hostess with the Mostess? Flowers - they die. Wine - thoughtless. Candle - Boring!!! Monogrammed Glass Coaster? - CHIC!!!

I would love to give or receive absolutely ANYTHING from iomoi. Here are a few of my favorites....


I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.........

It may not snow here in LA, but all I need to make my home feel festive is a little fur, some bubbles and a whole lot of sparkle.   Here is some inspiration!

Mosaic Mirror Wreath by West Elm

"Pom Pom" Ornament by Calypso Home  

German Glitter Ornaments by Pottery Barn

Dainty Champagne Flutes by Room Service Home

Ostrich Pillow by Maison de Vacances

Sheesha pillow by John Robshaw


Looks I Love

I love to collect images that inspire me. I was going through a bunch today and found a few that I had to share. Don't these fabulous looks make you want to shop?
Anna Dello Russo
Lauren Santo Domingo

Jenna Lyons
Nicky Hilton
Alexis Bledel
Olivia Palermo


Hello, My Name is Kelly....and I'm a Stripe-o-holic

Yes, by now I'm sure you already own a striped tee. If you are anything like me, you may even have more like 10 hanging in your closet. I admit I can't walk out of J. Crew without their latest version. But do you own striped loungewear? Ha!! I thought not.........

You must order this ASAP. They are the softest, comfiest things ever. And sleeping in an old t-shirt and 10-year-old Juicy velour sweats is just not an option anymore.


Gift Giving Idea #1

Happy Halloween!!! You know what that means.....only 54 days left until Christmas! (I think, haha) If you want to get a head start on your holiday shopping, click over to Linda & Harriett. They have the most adorable 2011 calendar any gal would love. At $30, it's a gift that is both chic and economical! You can even buy one for yourself and not feel guilty (like we would ever feel guilty!).


Comfortably Chic

Don't get me wrong, I love my high heels! But more and more often, you will see me in flats. While I rarely go a season without a new Miu Miu pair (my favorite!), I've been wearing my Sue Londons almost daily. Sue London ballet flats are seriously the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn! There is absolutely no need to drop $600 on plain Lanvin flats when you can snatch a pair of these for under $200.

Whitney Port sporting her Sue Londons

Little Harlow in her Sue Londons

Yes, they even have them for your mini-me! How cute are these?

Available at Lady and the Sailor in Beverly Hills


Bohemian Bathroom

Yes, I've been M.I.A. No, I didn't give up on the blog, it's just been a crazy summer. Between my home being turned into a B&B (my fault for living @ the beach) and traveling for work, I've been a mad woman.

But one fun thing I do have to share, is that I've begun helping my friends update their home decor. Interior Design is something I've dreamed about pursuing for EVER and I'm finally beginning to do it! I wanted to share my inspiration board of a bathroom update that I'm doing for my friend Heather....

Stay tuned for before and after!! It's so easy to update your own space with just a few fun accessories!


UPDATE: 9 By Design

Aren't you loving this show? Especially loving this wallpaper idea and rug from the office project. The rug looks like it could be Madeline Weinrib, can anyone confirm?

UPDATE: Thank you reader Sara B!! She informed me that the rug is called Sellarsbrook, part of the contemporary collection by the Rug Company. Get info here.


La Dame Et Le Marin

Her signature tees........

A friend of a friend opened a shop earlier this year in Beverly Hills that has become a new favorite of mine......The Lady & the Sailor!! Along with her own label, you'll find great pieces from Otis & Maclain, Gryphon New York, and Sue London ballet flats (those shoes are very comfy and very hard to find!!). Check it out next time you are in LA!! (Before it ends up on the Hills and you can't find parking.......seriously, they just filmed here).


It's Saturday Ladies........

.............and after you work your sins off here and get your hair "did" here.....it's time to get your toes "Louboutin" ready. And while most are particular about "Particuliere" right now, why don't you brighten things up with OPI's "A Good Man-derin is Hard to Find." (Don't you wonder who names OPI colors? That is on my dream job list).

Happy Weekend!!


Windsor Smith on OneKingsLane!!

Hurry up and shop now!!

Jenna Fever

SHELTER already did a fabulous post on Jenna Lyons and her recent interview on Oprah, so I won't be (too) repetitive. But seeing her on Oprah did inspire me to post something on my beloved J. Crew. I admit to having a serious J. Crew addiction and Jenna is the one continuously feeding me the crack!! In fact, my first post was about J. Crew! 

Whenever a new catalog comes out, I always love every one of her picks....whenever I see a feature on her in a magazine, I always love everything about her style. There are few people who truly inspire me and she is one of them! (also, check out this article about Jenna).....

Speaking of Jenna's Picks. If you ever see something you love, act quickly, because these things sell out!! Including this little number......

Luckily I called my J. Crew personal shopper at the Malibu location the minute I saw it online and secured one!! If you shop at J. Crew as often as me, you really should find a sales associate that you love working with, because it really helps when you want to find things that are hard to get. Good rule of thumb wherever you shop. If you are loyal to a salesperson, they will go above and beyond for you. 


A Fabulous New Blog

Court is to the right of me.......

I'm happy to introduce my good friend Courtney to the Blogosphere. She is only one week in, but her blog has caused quite a stir!! Check it out to hear her musings on staying fabulous in a new neighborhood full of haters. If I had to choose a friend to trade closets with, it would only be her.


Welcome to the Parker

Palm Springs is like California's version of the Hamptons. I've grown up spending time in the desert since most of my mom's family resides there. My parents have a home in Rancho Mirage, so we are lucky enough to have a free place to stay. Last weekend, my husband and I needed a little break from life and wanted some place WARM. Our first thought was Miami, but as you've seen on the news, they have been having unusually cold temps lately. So we decided on the Parker.........

We have eaten dinner many times at the Parker but obviously never stayed there. For those that don't know, Jonathan Adler designed the hotel, which opened in 2004. He had this idea that the hotel should be like "your great aunt's estate." I wish I had family this cool....

Oh the "Drugs" sign, it's a vintage sign from an old pharmacy. Whenever we visit here, we end up taking pics with the sign in the background......just because we think it's kitchy

I couldn't wait to see the rooms in person....and they did not dissapoint...

My iPhone pic

A much better version....

My favorite part is the Lobby area.....check out my hubby chillin' with a martini

Norma's is a great spot for breakfast, classic Adler ceramic touches...

But my favorite part of the trip was spending time by the pool.....

I'm sure you've seen Adler's own manifesto posted in his stores. The one posted at the Spa (PSYC) did not disappoint. My favorite is number two, hahaa

P.S. The rates right now are very reasonable, check out their deals here......