Jenna Fever

SHELTER already did a fabulous post on Jenna Lyons and her recent interview on Oprah, so I won't be (too) repetitive. But seeing her on Oprah did inspire me to post something on my beloved J. Crew. I admit to having a serious J. Crew addiction and Jenna is the one continuously feeding me the crack!! In fact, my first post was about J. Crew! 

Whenever a new catalog comes out, I always love every one of her picks....whenever I see a feature on her in a magazine, I always love everything about her style. There are few people who truly inspire me and she is one of them! (also, check out this article about Jenna).....

Speaking of Jenna's Picks. If you ever see something you love, act quickly, because these things sell out!! Including this little number......

Luckily I called my J. Crew personal shopper at the Malibu location the minute I saw it online and secured one!! If you shop at J. Crew as often as me, you really should find a sales associate that you love working with, because it really helps when you want to find things that are hard to get. Good rule of thumb wherever you shop. If you are loyal to a salesperson, they will go above and beyond for you. 

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