The Perfect Match

First off, I know I've been a very bad blogger. In fact, I've been so bad that perhaps no one may even read this! I just got back from fashion week in NYC. While some go to sit in front rows of shows and air kiss celebrities, I'm there to work. Long days of work, followed by long nights of fun, have left me in need of a deep-tissue massage, the Master Cleanse, and rehab. However, I did have a chance to sneak in some shopping. Shopping days, in my opinion, should always end with a glass of wine or a sweet treat (back to my need of the Master Cleanse). And now there is the perfect place to find such girly indulgence.....Sweet Revenge!!

When I heard about this place, I had one of those "Damn!! Why didn't I think of that!" moments. I mean cupcakes and wine pairings!? So simple but so decadent. The owner was working behind the bar and was as sweet as her delicious cupcakes.

My friend and I indulged in the "Pure" (a classic vanilla cake with vanilla frosting) and the "Crimson & Cream" (her twist on the iconic Red Velvet). While we decided to go with a clean glass of Prosecco, there are over 10 pairings of both wine and beer options to enhance your cupcake enjoyment. You must stop in during your next visit to NYC, you won't be disappointed.......you can repent when you get home!

*First Photo from a user on Yelp!, other photos from Sweet Revenge's Web Site