Bring on 2009!

Happy New Year!!! Hope you are already drinking champagne like me! xoxo


Keeping it Old School....

Who doesn't remember splurging on "puppy chow" (aka muddy buddies) as a kid? I made a batch of this last Saturday and haven't stopped eating it!!! I decided to wrap it up and give it away so I can fit into my jeans come January. But it got me thinking, what a yummy and cheap Christmas gift idea? If you need to cut back this year, why not whip up some classic Chex mix? You can find loads of recipes on their web site.


I'm Officially Obsessed....

All images belong to Fifi Lapin

...with this sassy bunny. 


A-B-C for your T-R-E-E

You can always count on Anthropologie for fun monogrammed gift ideas. Who hasn't given/received this coffee mug in the last few years? There are several fabulous options on their site, but these little cuties caught my eye......

I decided to personalize my gift wrap (for the females) by attaching these to their gift.  I chose the first letter of their name. I love that they don't look totally "Christmassy" so you could hang them somewhere in your home all year. 

For my sister, a fellow "K"


It's Peony time at Trader Joe's.........

Since pink doesn't match my Christmas decor, the flowers stay upstairs on my desk.

Every December, women (and some men) rush to Trader Joe's to snatch up Peony flowers at bargain prices. These are my favorite flowers (just ahead of white hydrangeas) so of course I snatched up all the good looking bunches. Isn't Trader Joe's just the best place ever? I also picked up their new edamame hummus which looks quite appetizing, I'll let you know how it is.......


Happy Thanksgiving!

photo by Annie Schlechter for Domino

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog! Hope your holiday is filled with love, family and turkey!


Going Gray

Image via Glamour.com

I have been trying to cut down on the waste of time that is celebrity gossip, so I totally missed the press release that gray is the new black when it comes to nails. At my 30th birthday blow-out last weekend, I spied my friend Megan's nails and was like...WTF! I love that color!! What is that!!! And she handed me this.......

A friend since 18, she knows I am obsessed with nail polish and gave me the new OPI gray as part of my b-day gift. Check out my new toes!! Go get yours now!


I'm So Depressed......sniff, sniff....

Cottage Living is done, gone, fini! Excuse me while I cry in a corner....


I'm a NeNe?!! Not sure what to say about that....

I guess it's because I keep it real!! HAAHAAAA......Ok so I just took a quiz on Bravo.com to see which "Housewife" I was, you should too (if you are putting off work like moi). I am not embarrassed to admit I am a big fan of all things Bravo, especially the Housewives series.  It is amazingly entertaining in that shallow-talk trash sort of way.  And for the best re-cap of this show EVER, please check out SGM. She is the Queen of Bravo.

Oh Kim, 29 my arse!!

Thank GOD I wasn't a Kim, I'm sure it was a close call as I do like to shop. 


Better Make Room on Your Bookshelf....

Just checked my e-mail and Celerie Kemble's new book is on its way!!! If you haven't already pre-ordered it, I suggest you get to it!!! She is one of my favorite interior designers and I can't wait to add her book to my collection.


Happy Halloween!!

To glitter your pumpkins, click here.


Seeing Spots

I am a little obsessed with leopard print. I own four leopard print cardigans, six leopard print shoes (from J. Crew to Louboutin), had all leopard-print bedding in college (that was not so cute), I really could go on and on. I'm so excited that Michelle over at Rubie Green has come out with an eco-friendly leopard print for Fall!! 

Sometimes leopard prints can be too much so I love how light and airy this one feels. Now I need to think of where I would use it, a Louis chair perhaps?


Attention Party People

The art of the invitation has been lost by our generation. A formal invite is way more personal and chic than an E-vite. My husband is the one planning my 30th b-day but I begged him to let me pick out the invites. I went with this one...... 

So cute! I edited the invite so I didn't include any event details (this is the Internet!) but you can see the font and the cute party girl!! I'm even a brunette so it works perfectly. If you are planning any sort of celebration, especially a girly one like a shower, check out Bonnie's Style Press


I die, i die

Sorry, couldn't resist with the lingo as I am obsessed with Rachel Zoe's show on Bravo. Anyways....the new Domino Book of Decorating came in the mail today and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! My favorite decor book to date. It is so user friendly, unpretentious, and full of great ideas. Order ASAP!!!


Project Playhouse 2008

Every year Fashion Island hosts Project Playhouse. Several unique and over the top playhouses are auctioned off benefiting HomeAid Orange County, an organization that helps build dignified homes for those in need. I thought it would be fun to share a few shots of my favorites. If you live in Southern California, come tour the playhouses before the live auction - happening October 11th at 5:30pm.

A Cozy Log Cabin

For the "Green" Modern Tot

A Caribbean Art Studio

Sophisticated Beach Cottage

Wahoo's Surf/Taco Shack


Forget 90210.....It's all about "Privileged"

So what if I'm turning 30 in a couple of months, does that mean I can't like a show written for teenagers? I think Privileged on the CW is not only entertaining, but full of fun decor. Most noteworthy is the twin's, Sage (loving that name) and Rose, room. I love the Hollywood meets Palm Beach decor, so up my ally. If you haven't already watched it in secret, check it out next Tuesday night! It's basically the new Gilmore Girls....... for lack of a better comparison.

The first thing that grabbed my attention were the headboards, I couldn't find a shot of both beds, but you get the idea....

For a similar look, try the Newport bed by William-Sonoma Home

I also love the desk/closet area.....

All photos courtesy of the CW Network


My Mom is in Country Living!!

         Please go and purchase the September issue of Country Living!!! My mom and step-dad's cottage is featured. It is beyond exciting to actually know and frequent a home in a decor mag. My mom designed the entire place, start to finish, with an "empty-nest" in mind. The main house is only 1 bedroom/1.5 bathroom and then there is an apartment above the garage which my college-aged sister takes over during the summers. I'm so impressed by my mom, she has no formal design background at all, but can turn any room into something extraordinary. My mom is so funny and shy about it, she is like "It's not like I'm in Arch Digest or something." But seriously, how many people can say their home has been published? And I'm a big Cottage Living fan, same family of mags, right? Here it is!!!!!

The Kitchen....home to many wine-fueled cooking escapades

The Dining room...funny to think how many casual dinners I've spent there and it looks so "untouched." Got to love stylists!

The "empty nester" suite

The laundry room is one of my favorite rooms, the toile wallpaper is nautical theme and makes the room so pretty....you also see the master bath as well. 

Sorry about the lousy image, but I had to cut and paste it together. We LOVE our backyard. We hang out there at sunset and play cards as a family, our favorite game is bullsh*t, we are very sophisticated......

As you can tell, my mom is a bit obsessed with blue and white, so you know what my next gift for her will be!!  I already pre-ordered it for her!

Photography by Karyn Millet for Country Living, September 2008