A-B-C for your T-R-E-E

You can always count on Anthropologie for fun monogrammed gift ideas. Who hasn't given/received this coffee mug in the last few years? There are several fabulous options on their site, but these little cuties caught my eye......

I decided to personalize my gift wrap (for the females) by attaching these to their gift.  I chose the first letter of their name. I love that they don't look totally "Christmassy" so you could hang them somewhere in your home all year. 

For my sister, a fellow "K"


The Steel Magnolia House said...

Great idea! Good luck on final!!

Amanda said...

Gorgeous! What a beautiful present, us poor Aussies don't have anything as fabulous as Anthropologie.

I love that your family can use them afterwards, they'd look great hanging on a moodboard behind a desk.

Amanda xx