UPDATE: 9 By Design

Aren't you loving this show? Especially loving this wallpaper idea and rug from the office project. The rug looks like it could be Madeline Weinrib, can anyone confirm?

UPDATE: Thank you reader Sara B!! She informed me that the rug is called Sellarsbrook, part of the contemporary collection by the Rug Company. Get info here.


La Dame Et Le Marin

Her signature tees........

A friend of a friend opened a shop earlier this year in Beverly Hills that has become a new favorite of mine......The Lady & the Sailor!! Along with her own label, you'll find great pieces from Otis & Maclain, Gryphon New York, and Sue London ballet flats (those shoes are very comfy and very hard to find!!). Check it out next time you are in LA!! (Before it ends up on the Hills and you can't find parking.......seriously, they just filmed here).


It's Saturday Ladies........

.............and after you work your sins off here and get your hair "did" here.....it's time to get your toes "Louboutin" ready. And while most are particular about "Particuliere" right now, why don't you brighten things up with OPI's "A Good Man-derin is Hard to Find." (Don't you wonder who names OPI colors? That is on my dream job list).

Happy Weekend!!