UPDATE: 9 By Design

Aren't you loving this show? Especially loving this wallpaper idea and rug from the office project. The rug looks like it could be Madeline Weinrib, can anyone confirm?

UPDATE: Thank you reader Sara B!! She informed me that the rug is called Sellarsbrook, part of the contemporary collection by the Rug Company. Get info here.


Chasing Davies said...

Love this show! Their taste and design is so fresh, fun, unique and exciting. I even like their sporadic way of doing it all.

Love the rug... hope someone knows where it's from.

Sara B in Tally said...

The Rug is Sellarsbrook by Rug Company

style and grace said...

oooooo thanks Sara B!!!!!

Catherine said...

I agree re the wall paper. Looks fab.

Dee O. said...

Lovely!!! The rug is absolutely beautiful :)