Bring on 2009!

Happy New Year!!! Hope you are already drinking champagne like me! xoxo


Keeping it Old School....

Who doesn't remember splurging on "puppy chow" (aka muddy buddies) as a kid? I made a batch of this last Saturday and haven't stopped eating it!!! I decided to wrap it up and give it away so I can fit into my jeans come January. But it got me thinking, what a yummy and cheap Christmas gift idea? If you need to cut back this year, why not whip up some classic Chex mix? You can find loads of recipes on their web site.


I'm Officially Obsessed....

All images belong to Fifi Lapin

...with this sassy bunny. 


A-B-C for your T-R-E-E

You can always count on Anthropologie for fun monogrammed gift ideas. Who hasn't given/received this coffee mug in the last few years? There are several fabulous options on their site, but these little cuties caught my eye......

I decided to personalize my gift wrap (for the females) by attaching these to their gift.  I chose the first letter of their name. I love that they don't look totally "Christmassy" so you could hang them somewhere in your home all year. 

For my sister, a fellow "K"


It's Peony time at Trader Joe's.........

Since pink doesn't match my Christmas decor, the flowers stay upstairs on my desk.

Every December, women (and some men) rush to Trader Joe's to snatch up Peony flowers at bargain prices. These are my favorite flowers (just ahead of white hydrangeas) so of course I snatched up all the good looking bunches. Isn't Trader Joe's just the best place ever? I also picked up their new edamame hummus which looks quite appetizing, I'll let you know how it is.......