Katie Lee Joel - BFF Material

Katie Lee Joel, wife of Billy Joel, is my new favorite! I had heard of her of course, but never really paid attention until I watched her on Oprah this week. She is gorgeous, chic, seems very down to earth.....and loves to cook. She has a great closet too, not that it matters.....but......  

She was on Oprah promoting her new cookbook, The Comfort Table

She also gave us a tour of her West Village home, decorated by Oprah fave Nate Berkus. She is like a hot, young, hip version of Paula Deen...... without the excess butter. I can't wait to add her new book to my collection. I may even have try her Meat Loaf recipe on my husband this week!


Mindy Weiss in O @ Home

For those of you who have ever picked up In Style Weddings or watched any celebrity wedding special, you have heard the name Mindy Weiss. She is the super-talented party planner to the stars.

I was at the airport recently and thought I'd buy a few magazines I don't normally read. I was ecstatic to find Weiss' home in the new issue of Oprah at Home. There are so man elements of her home that inspired me, especially in her dining room! A lot of the furniture in her home can be found at Grace Home Furnishings in Brentwood, one of my favorite stores in Los Angeles.

Her dining room is to die for! It is the perfect mix of traditional and Hollywood Regency. I love her Elkins chairs (covered in KWID's Emerald Cut in mink/ivory). And every home should have a touch of blue and white Chinese porcelain.......in my book anyway!
Weiss spends her free time scouring flea markets and e-bay and she has amazing collections. My favorite is her collection of "lady portraits" from the '50s and '60s. I love how the room isn't overtly feminine, despite the pink chairs and portraits.

One room that should be feminine - the closet! There have been some pretty amazing closets featured in magazines, but Weiss' is my new crush. The tufted ceilings are so luxurious. She also used vintage brooches as drawer-pulls. What a great idea! You could also go to Anthropologie and pick out a mix of vintage-inspired pulls. Hmmm new project perhaps!


April 21st kids......

I am totally obsessed with Gossip Girl so I can't wait for new episodes!!!! One of the main reasons I love the show is the wardrobe. I adore the outfits; each character has a distinct style and I often recognize pieces they wear. My fave by far (perhaps it is my age, haha) is the character Lily Van der Woodsen. She always looks sophisticated and polished without appearing dowdy. This video is a good one if you are a fan of her character. For a little style inspiration, I picked out a few items Lily would approve!

An Hermes belt is a must!

Lanvin flats in multiple colors

the Cashmere tee - grey always works


Sweet Bling

Image from Bazaar March 2008

Here is a cupcake that won't make you fat.......from the Spring 2008 Leiber collection. I don't own a Judith Leiber handbag nor do I have any need for this extravagant item, but how friggin' cute are these? Available at Neiman Marcus.