Happy Halloween!!

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Seeing Spots

I am a little obsessed with leopard print. I own four leopard print cardigans, six leopard print shoes (from J. Crew to Louboutin), had all leopard-print bedding in college (that was not so cute), I really could go on and on. I'm so excited that Michelle over at Rubie Green has come out with an eco-friendly leopard print for Fall!! 

Sometimes leopard prints can be too much so I love how light and airy this one feels. Now I need to think of where I would use it, a Louis chair perhaps?


Attention Party People

The art of the invitation has been lost by our generation. A formal invite is way more personal and chic than an E-vite. My husband is the one planning my 30th b-day but I begged him to let me pick out the invites. I went with this one...... 

So cute! I edited the invite so I didn't include any event details (this is the Internet!) but you can see the font and the cute party girl!! I'm even a brunette so it works perfectly. If you are planning any sort of celebration, especially a girly one like a shower, check out Bonnie's Style Press


I die, i die

Sorry, couldn't resist with the lingo as I am obsessed with Rachel Zoe's show on Bravo. Anyways....the new Domino Book of Decorating came in the mail today and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! My favorite decor book to date. It is so user friendly, unpretentious, and full of great ideas. Order ASAP!!!


Project Playhouse 2008

Every year Fashion Island hosts Project Playhouse. Several unique and over the top playhouses are auctioned off benefiting HomeAid Orange County, an organization that helps build dignified homes for those in need. I thought it would be fun to share a few shots of my favorites. If you live in Southern California, come tour the playhouses before the live auction - happening October 11th at 5:30pm.

A Cozy Log Cabin

For the "Green" Modern Tot

A Caribbean Art Studio

Sophisticated Beach Cottage

Wahoo's Surf/Taco Shack