The downside of Renting...

..... has nothing to do with the lack of a tax write-off, it's that you can't wallpaper!!! I can't even paint!! Ugh. One of my good friends ordered wallpaper panels through Weego Home and I love this idea.

image from Weego Home

My friend's bedroom....love that Florence Broadhurst print!!

I spent hours on Walnut and I still go back to Osborne and Little's Asuka print. I first fell in love with it after seeing Michelle Smith's apartment. I think this would be fabulous in my living room. 

image from Elle Decor

image from Domino

Asuka in Gold

I love the yellow version Smith used but I can't seem to find it on Osborne and Little or Walnut. So two questions....or three!

1) Does anyone know if this pattern is still available in yellow?
2) Any recommendations on how one goes about ordering panels? I'm not about to "DIY" with this expensive paper!!
3) Anyone (designers) who has done this, any tips? 



I have a thing for plain white towels. I just think it looks fresh and often times I find that prints and colors can look cheesy. But I found these towels in the William-Sonoma Home catalogue and loved the white/khaki combination, very Missoni-esque. I'm also glad I waited to buy them because now they are on sale! Woo hoo!!