Summer, Summer, Summertime......

We just got back from visiting my in-laws, who live on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina (it was HOT!!! ugh). Every time I visit I always pray to run into one of Paula Deen's hot sons, but this time I discovered something even better.....Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka!! Each restaurant we went to seemed to have a special drink concoction using this amazing product. I have always been a fan of the Arnold Palmer, but this addition makes it even better! (although this is not calorie free, so you better stick to one) Luckily for the rest of the country, BevMo now stocks it! I just bought some to serve with lemonade at my 4th of July party, does it get more summer than lemonade and (vodka) iced tea? Cheers!!

The sunsets alone are worth the visit!

More HHI area faves:

1. Truffles Cafe in Sea Pines Center (best tomato soup!)
2. Palmetto Bluff (have lunch at Buffalos and soak in the southern charm! Lots of cool history here)
3. Old Fort Pub (best restaurant on the island)

*firefly image from urbanatea.com, the sunset image is my own!

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Caroline Elizabeth said...

Love love love firefly!!!