27 Dresses

I have been fortunate to have escaped the hell of wearing a god-awful bridesmaid dress. My friends haven't been so lucky. In fact, two of my closest girlfriends have been in over 15 weddings since college. One sorority sister even made them do a dance routine (in their hot pink and be-dazzled dresses no less) for the groom. I don't think I could have stomached that one, unless I had the liquid courage of a good bottle of Champagne. Anyway, they have a tradition of leaving the frock in the hotel room, never to be seen again! I like to think the dress I chose for them was not left in the W Hotel on Union Square, but I have a feeling housekeeping opened the closet to a sweet surprise. Oh well!! They paid for them :)

My bridesmaids wore the above dress but in beige (with pearls and cute gold Jimmy Choos), from Jenny Yoo collection

We all can't wait to see 27 Dresses when it comes out next week. For all of us ladies in our late 20s and up, we can definitely relate to wedding nightmares! Check out the Web site for more info on the movie.


Style Court said...

Do you think the apartment in the movie will be great?

style & grace said...

It is set in NYC so I hope it is a cool pre-war apt!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Nice choice on bridesmaid dresses. It actually looks a lot like my wedding dress.

Joanna Goddard said...

a dance routine, what a nightmare!!

i love the dress you chose, so pretty.