Birthday Picnic

It's my husband's birthday today and what better place to celebrate than the beach! We love Zuma Beach and on the weekend we usually tie in brunch at The Sunset

The Sunset at Zuma!!

Today I thought it would be more fun to pack a picnic. I thought I'd share the menu....

Orzo salad with fresh citrus and red onion, T.M.P (tomato, mozzarella and proscuitto) sandwiches, and Tuscan Kettle chips (they are so addicting!). No birthday is complete without booze so of course we snuck a bottle of Rose onto the beach (in fraternity style plastic red cups).  You guys must try the pasta salad I made! I saw Giada make this on Everyday Italian. Giada used fregola pasta which I couldn't find at Whole Foods, so I used orzo. So refreshing and perfect on a warm, sunny day. The birthday boy was a big fan :)

Whatever you decide to eat, there is no better setting for a picnic! Happy Summer.


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It's addictive.