Fun Etsy Finds

In my search for nursery decor, I came across some really adorable prints on Etsy.

Bibitty French Alphabet Poster

I can't remember which blog I first saw this poster on, but it is tres adorable!  So happy that I saved the link - because I bought the last one!

Sugarfresh's "You are My Sunshine"

My mom use to sing this song to me as a child - this would be great in any room, not just a nursery.

Mosieposies' Birth Prints

I love how clean and modern these look. Also a great gift to give after the baby arrives!

Keep Calm Shop

And the infamous "Keep Calm" poster - this shop has it available in all of these fabulous colors!! You can order the traditional one, or a funnier version......I like the one below.....might come in handy after the baby comes!!


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A Dance With Grace said...

Very cute! I've just stumbled across your blog and am so, enjoying it....and congrats :).

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Melissa W. said...

I had to hop over to your blog-you made me laugh bat "who buys a Gretchen Christine bag! Eww!" Loved it! So true!