The only thing I currently "collect" would be handbags and shoes. Well, I do have a pretty awesome collection of matches and cookbooks, but that isn't where I'm going with this. Windsor Smith encourages clients to collect things because it makes a house a home. I couldn't agree more, so it got me thinking.......

I was scanning through my iPhone pics recently, and I came across the above shot I took while having dinner at Fig. A huge wall full of mirrors. I don't care how trendy or played out Starburst Mirrors may be in the decor world, I love them. I have one in my living room and one over the bed in my guest room. Hmmm, lets see how much this project might cost me........







So, that is about all the starburst I can handle (you would need to throw in a few smaller, square ones too) and our total is around $3,300.....without the small mirrors to balance it out......
Mirrors, or about five (make that four) pairs of shoes from Barneys.........hmmmm


eddieross said...

I love a starburst Mirror!

Would also LOVE your support on the ELLE DECOR window I did for the Big Window Challenge this year with Apartment Therapy. Check it out at http://www.bigwindowchallenge com. As we all know, AT doesn’t make it easy, but you can vote TWICE a day, once online and the other by texting “1” to 89800.

Your support means the world to me!!


style and grace said...

Of course Eddie!! Done and done! See you at the Rose Bowl!

Meander said...

I heart starburst mirrors big time! Heads up: target.com has some great ones on the cheap right now!!! thanks for sharing the lovely idea darling! ciao!!!