Sweet Dreams

I love blue and white chinese porcelain and have been trying to incorporate it into my decor. So when I saw this new bedding by Ralph Lauren at Bloomingdale's, it was love at first site. I love how they merchandised it with pink. If only my husband would allow pink walls in our bedroom. I decided to just go with the sheets and mix it in with my white duvet/euro shams.

I love a little fun update that doesn't break the bank! Thank you Bloomingdale's for all of your fabulous sales!! 


kelleyp said...

i love blue and white. so fresh, never looks outdated. show us how it looks once you get it all set up in your room!

style and grace said...

I will!! Thanks!

Amanda said...

I love this linen! I also love blue and white. How I wish we had these such things available in Australia.

x Amanda