Adios Amigos!!!!

I love Cabo. Just LOVE. I can't wait to hop on that plane Friday with my favorite person in the  world (a.k.a. my hubby) and spend a week chillaxing!!


Cali Girl said...

i have never been to cabo but live fairly close, southerm ca. maybe when you get a chance, you can tell me about it, where to go, stay, eat, etc... if you dont mind.

hope you have a great time!

style and grace said...

Will do! I have some faves.

Jessica Claire said...

so jealous- it is minus 12 right now here and I am trying to fast forward to the next vacation.

have a great time!

Annie Empiric said...

hope you had a blast! i went for my bachelorette party last spring and had a VERY memorable week ;)