I knew it, I knew it!!!!

I love that headboard.......if you like it too, the fabric is by Silk Trading Company (Lirian in Petite Blue)

I knew the outside of Tori and Dean's new house was bogus. It reminded me of a house you would find in OC or the Valley, not LA proper. Read all about it here.......At least the inside was for reals. I didn't love everything they did with the house but I did fall in love with a few rooms. Especially little Liams!!! I also loved their photo wall they had going up the staircase, wish I could find a pic of that. 

Liam McDermott aka Monkey's room

Love what they did with the chairs...that looks like a fabric by Quadrille  but not 100% about that....

Thanks once again real estalker, you are the best!!!!! All images can be found on oxygen.com


No.35style said...

I think Liam's room is cute and I like the dining room and backyard. I too like the picture wall going up the staircase

Brilliant Asylum said...

I have been wondering about that! I loved the changes they made to that builder-bland kitchen. Liam's room is much cuter than Stella's. Yikes. I hope she likes pink and poufy.

P.S. There is a picture of the stairwell wall here:

N2Design said...

I love the wallpaper. Does anyone know the name and who makes it?

SweetheartDesigns said...

I love Liam's room also. Pink is my fav color, but I'm not sure about Stella's. Thanks for the name of the fabric in Tori's bedroom. Would you happen to know the name and brand of that lovely silvery blue paint color?