Get to Work

Mary McDonald's office, the ultimate!! Image from Style Court

I am contemplating a job that would require me to work from home. That means a commute across the hall......and an excuse to decorate a work space! I thought I'd post my favorite offices for some inspiration. Even if you work in a cookie-cutter cubicle, there is no reason not to carve out a space at home for bill paying and late night blog reading ;)

Actress Sarah Wynter's office...In Style magazine

From Domino, designer Jenni Kayne's home office. Totally messy-chic. But can Hermes boxes ever look messy?

From one of my favorite spaces featured in House Beautiful, a study any woman would covet!

By Ruthie Sommers; image from Pink Wallpaper. I love everything about this room.

Celerie Kemble's office, as seen on M.A. Belle...so many elements are perfection

From Cottage Living, I love the desk and rug!

Aerin Lauder in Bazaar.....She had me with the Gracie wallpaper!


Suzy said...

Mary McDonald and Aerin Lauder's offices get my vote!

momasan said...

Aerin Lauder gets my vote!!
I am thinking about redecorating my gym into a home office!! I haven't seen the workout room in a couple of months. Thanks for the ideas!! You are so creative!!

Anonymous said...

You've picked some wonderful pictures. Good luck on your endeavors....I will be envious of your "commute" (I drive over 20 miles, one way!).

Pink Wallpaper said...

you've got the best...mcdonald, sommers, and lauder's...all are my top pics!

Alkemie said...

My first time to your blog. This is a fabulous post! Great collection of examples! Definitely inspires me to do a nice little space for myself.

Jessica Claire said...

what a great collection! I have to say all of those images are already in my own colelction.

Mary McDonald's is to die for but I love how Lauder combined her office and dressing room into one- so smart! (and stylish)

marlazz said...

I've worked from home since September and I've been scouring my past faves from domino, elle decor, canadian h&H issues, living etc issues past for inspiration. I love Lauder's office and the pic from pink wallpaper!

Thank you for posting this!

Teal Chic said...

I would love their offices...especially Mary McDonald's with the turquoise walls!!!

MABELLE said...

Hey thanks for the shout-out! Clearly I'm ridiculously behind on my blogging or I would have already caught this ;) I love your blog!